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Recent Campaigns

Here are some of ProFundWest's recently-completed campaigns.

Sunshine Through Golf Foundation

"The Second Annual Sunshine Through Golf-ProFund Campaign’s Day of Event was held on June 5, 2010 raising more than $125,000 and we are still going strong! Last year we raised more than $115,000 in our first ProFundWest Campaign. So, in two years with two ProFundWest Campaigns, both lasting less than 90 days, we have been able to raise more than $240,000. We were assisted tremendously by the team at ProFundWest. Our hats are off to ProFundWest for their assistance and guidance with their business plan, time-line and campaign management website, which assured our success- we couldn’t do it without all their help. I would whole-heartedly recommend ProFundWest to those organizations that wish to raise significant dollars and impact lives.”

Kevin Gratkowski
Campaign Leader 2010

The Charro Foundation

In a short amount of time, The Scottsdale Charro Foundation needed to raise funds in support of The Miracle League of Arizona. Utilizing the proven, validated and innovative ProFundWest system the Charros surprised even themselves by raising more than $100,000 in just 62 days. The Charro Campaign Chairman, Lance Baker, was very appreciative of the support and stewardship of the "ProFundWest Pros". In a letter we received from Lance, he stated "I applaud you on creating such a unique system that is so user friendly and automatic. I am positive that we will utilize this campaign again and hopefully exceed the amazing benchmark that was set with this effort. Feel free to utilize me as a reference for anyone who may question the power and validity of a ProFundWest campaign in the future".

Junior Golf Association of Arizona

We used ProFundWest to help us raise over $1 Million in our first 6 ProFundWest Campaigns, and never utilizing more than 44 total people in each campaign. Before we knew about ProFundWest, we were raising dollars through traditional means, primarily annual corporate golf events. Our board and staff worked very hard putting on those event and we were pleased with $15,000 to $20,000 net proceeds each year. But once we started working with ProFundWest we raised $70,000, $125,000, $200,000 and even $275,000 in each campaign, guided by ProFundWest's expertise. So, if you are thinking about being more effective and efficient in the way you go about raising dollars for your cause, I highly recommend you contact ProFundWest. They are professional and bring all their business expertise to help you with a fabulous campaign. We couldn't be more thankful for ProFundWest and all the help they give the JGAA."

Barbara Douglas
Board President

Women in the Winner's Circle Foundation

Recently, Lyn St. James, along with 42 other drivers and crew chiefs, drove 100 laps with their TEAM at the Bondurant Karting Performance Center in Phoenix, AZ – risking aching muscles and possible severe wheel bumping - to help make a difference in supporting the mission and vision of the Women in the Winner's Circle Foundation - to empower women in the automotive and motor sports fields.

"Thank you to the crew chiefs, drivers and sponsors who successfully completed 100 laps with their TEAM, bringing the total funds generated to almost $40,000. We appreciate everyone's participation and sponsorship of the Classic 100 Go Kart Enduros. It was such a success that we are planning more Classic 100 Go Kart Enduros to support the foundation. "

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